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Hearing about the impending "Baconpocolypse," we wanted to understand whether we need to start stockpiling bacon! We asked Dr. James Dunn from Penn State to tell us whether this statement was true, false or somewhere in between on our True? Or not? Meter:

“We will experience a bacon shortage in 2013.” Dr. Dunn says this statement is false.


Dr. James Dunn


The headlines were enough to scare any committed bacon fan. 



When the National Pig Association of the United Kingdom sent out a press release warning of a worldwide pork and bacon shortages in an effort to prepare consumers in the UK for higher pork prices, the story spread quickly on social media in the U.S. prompting dramatic media reports of an impending bacon shortage.

But, no worries says Dr. Dunn. “There will be no bacon shortage. The price may be higher, but the bacon will be there. This rumor started in England, I am told, and came here. The pork industry does not like the feed prices, but they are still hard at the task of 'makin' bacon.'"

The drought that gripped the Midwest this summer means fewer soybeans and corn to feed livestock. For livestock farmers, that means higher feed costs that will likely translate into higher food prices for consumers. But, no one expects long lines to grab that last package of bacon from the grocery store shelves. Dr. Dunn says, “you can have as many BLTs as you wish.” 

That’s certainly good news for bacon lovers everywhere!


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