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Every now and again we find a particularly compelling statistic or graphic related to food. Today, we came across this one focused on food waste and hunger packed with info about the state of hunger and food waste. It may seem that, in a country like the United States where we enjoy a food supply that never leaves our grocery store shelves empty, hunger shouldn't be an issue. But if you follow any of the statistics from groups like Feeding AmericaShare Our Strength, the United States Department of Agriculture or your local hunger relief organization, you'll know that hunger is an increasingly real issue for our neighbors throughout the country. This infographic outlines a great deal of information on the subject that we thought worthy of sharing. 

Do you/your family do anything to help decrease food waste and/or help hunger initiatives in your community? 

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Do you need assistance filling your pantry? Find a local hunger relief organization here

Infographic from Face the Facts USA*

*Best Food Facts is not in any way affiliated with Face the Facts USA - we just think this infographic does a nice job of laying out the facts on food insecurity and food waste.

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