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Come explore the delicious dishes inspired by Latina blogger Adriana Martin’s Mexican homeland. Each tasty creation from Adriana’s Best Recipes is charged with the spontaneity of a flavor or the smell of a fresh fruit or herb, along with the legacy of her grandmother, Doña Alicia. Adriana credits her namesake Mamá Licha (Alicia) with teaching her the magic of happiness and delicious food.

Join this foodie on her culinary adventures and experience a comprehensive selection of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and even cocktails. Then check out the gorgeous colors and flavors in her Egg Crostata with Grilled Asparagus and the sleek juxtaposition of sweet and savory in this Watermelon Salad and Balsamic Reduction.


What inspired you to become a blogger?

My blog came about from my desire to share my family recipes with the younger generation so that the traditions wouldn't be lost. Then many people outside my family started following my articles and dishes. Now, Adriana's Best Recipes is a source for recipes inspired by the culinary culture of Mexico (where I was born) and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine, which I grew up with.

Favorite food to make:

Anything seasonal and fresh!

Favorite trick of the trade when it comes to cooking/baking:

When preparing meals for your family, do it with love. That will show how important they are to you and will result in a wonderful dish.

One piece of advice you would give to beginning bloggers and/or novice cooks:

Understand why you want to blog, learn who will be your audience and be true to yourself.

What is the hobby you don’t get to do nearly enough?

Gardening and growing my veggies and herbs. Also, I would love to travel more often. 

Biggest food flop:

Trying to overcomplicate a dish. It’s never a good idea. 

The quote you live by:

“Never forget to dream, but work for that dream to be a reality.”

What’s the most common question(s) you get from your readers?

Mostly they are questions about different applications, cooking techniques and replacement of condiments or ingredients not found at their local market.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to food. It’s easy to be overwhelmed. How do you choose the food that is best for you family?

My motto is "simple ingredients create masterpieces." I develop recipes and dishes for my family abiding by that and what it is season. You really don't need to overcomplicate a dish to be tasty; you just have to let the ingredient be the star on the plate.

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