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The discussions on grass-fed vs. corn-fed beef run rampant in conversations in grocery stores, among blogs, between news radio personalities even with farmers! And with any topic related to the food we eat, there are a bevy of opinions on the subject. As with all our posts, we like to ground the opinions with facts from experts.

A new website, developed by the American Meat Institute (the oldest and largest meat and poultry trade association in the US) called “Meat MythCrushers” conducted an interview with Dr. Benjy Mikel of Mississippi State University on the subject. He addresses the question regarding whether grass-fed beef is more nutritious than beef from cattle fed corn or grains. Of course, our Best Food Facts experts have also commented on this question – as well as other related ones – in the past. Watch the video from Meat MythCrushers below to hear another expert’s opinion, or click on the links to see previous posts from Best Food Facts experts. 


Want to learn more about this topic? Click on the images below to view more videos from Meat MythCrushers. Experts discuss if feeding corn to cattle is unnatural (left), and if grass-fed beef is safer than grain-fed (right).


Feeding Corn is Unnatural? Grass fed beef is safer?


What are your thoughts – do you prefer grain-/corn-fed beef or grass-fed beef? Why?

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