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Lasagna is one of America’s favorite Italian dishes - so popular that we have National Lasagna Day on July 29.

Photo Credit: Susan Whetzel - Doughmesstic.com


In honor of this American-Italian dish, we wanted to share a couple of our favorite lasagna recipes:

  • The good’ole classic – This is the traditional meat and cheese dish. It is layered with generous amounts of tomato sauce, cheeses and ground beef. This recipe has a homemade sauce, but your favorite store-bough sauce works just as well.
  • A classic twist – This recipe is my favorite eggplant parmesan lasagna. It is outstanding - the hearty layers of eggplant and cheese just melt in your mouth. Great for dinner parties!
  • Veggies oh my! – This is a great vegetarian lasagna. 
  • Dessert lasagna – This is an apple dessert lasagna and though it may sound unusual, it is very good.  It is also a great recipe to make with kids - especially when you substitute whole-grain noodles for the extra fiber. To celebrate this hand-crafted, dinner delight, pull out your favorite recipe and bake lasagna tonight – don’t forget to share a bite!

Share your favorite lasagna recipes with us, we would love to try something new!


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