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Many consumers are concerned about what's in today's food. Some suggest that GMO labels will allow consumers to understand more about how their food was produced. We want consumers to tell us what the perfect label looks like.

Through our five-part series on genetically modified foods and GMOs, something we heard a lot about is the consumers’ right-to-know what’s in their food. We think that knowing more about food is a good thing. When our readers and viewers mentioned genetically modified foods should be labeled, that got us to thinking: “What does the perfect food label look like?”

It is with that frame of mind that we’re asking you, “What should it look like? What should be included? Should it be in color or black and white? Should it be on the front of the package or on the nutrition label or somewhere else? Why should things be placed in the spots you suggest?” Give us all the details and even drawings, if you have them, so that we have your input. We’re looking forward to your thoughts.”

Check out our video with Dr. Ruth MacDonald that explores the topic of GMO labeling.

Do you think GM food should be labeled?

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