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How to Make your Thanksgiving Meal Healthy


Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the dreaded holiday weight gain season, but it doesn't have to! Many of Thanksgiving's staple items are actually good for us, and by making a few substitutions, it can be a meal your health will thank you for!

Whose Research Can You Trust?

Studies abound on nutrition and can oftentimes be contradictory. So how do you know when study results can be trusted? Best Food Facts nutrition adviser Carolyn O'Neil went straight to an expert for insight.

J is for Jellies and Jam

Do you know the difference between jelly and jam? Carolyn O'Neil, MS, RD, and nutrition advisor for Best Food Facts, went in search of the answer from a canning expert!

Science of Canning

Are you on the preservation bandwagon? Warmer days and flourishing gardens are the perfect pairings for canning methods so you can enjoy the abundance of the season’s freshest produce all year round. Also, try frozen and dehydrated options for great fresh anytime options.

Exploring GMOs


A complex and controversial, Healthcare Triage explores the topic of GMOs. In this video, Dr. Aaron E. Carroll, the Direct of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research in Indianapolis, Indiana, and his team at Healthcare Triage, breakdown the thoughts, theories, and studies behind GMOs.

Tools of Canning

"Pop" can have many meanings. In some areas of the United States, it's a fizzy, sweet carbonated drink. On the radio, "pop" refers to music that's currently popular. But in canning and preserving, the "pop" sound is the best way to determine if a canned food item has perfectly sealed. By simply pushing down on the top of a canning lid post-hot water bath, it's easy to determine if a container is hermetically sealed, meaning that nothing can pass the barrier of the seal.

New Study: Diet Beverages Can Help People Lose Weight


Drinking diet beverages can help people lose weight. That’s one of the conclusions in a study appearing in the June issue of the Journal of The Obesity Society.

Safe Food Handling when Choosing Natural, Organic or Conventional Meat

Whether navigating the meat case at your local grocery store or preparing dinner at home, food preparers want safe, wholesome meat. Registered dietitian Carolyn O'Neil gets the facts and meaningful advice from Dr. Michael Doyle, Director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia, to help you eat better for life.

Are Canned Fruits and Veggies Healthy?


Missing some of your favorite juicy summer fruits? Or, maybe those crisp fall veggies? Enjoying the frozen, dehydrated or canned versions of these fruits and vegetables is a great way to get the wonderful taste and nutrients from your favorite out-of-season produce.

What Does The Perfect GMO Label Look Like?

GMO labels: will it help consumers better understand what's in their food?

Consuming Evidence: Avoid Gluten?

Registered Dietitian Carolyn O’Neil explains the gluten issue and provides insight into this breadbasket dilemma.

ABCs of Food: F is for Fruit

Whether you're looking for a boost of potassium, folate or fiber, Best Food Facts asked nutrition advisor, Carolyn O’Neil, MS, RD, says we can get them all in a form that's also low in sodium, fat and calories and has no cholesterol! What could possibly pack this nutrition punch? Fruit!

Consuming Evidence: Is Fresh Best?

Registered Dietitian Carolyn O'Neil digs into the mystery regarding whether fresh fruits and vegetables are really more nutritious than canned, frozen and other varieties in this Consuming Evidence episode.

Meet Carolyn O'Neil

Carolyn O'Neil, MS, RD, explains what a registered dietitian is, what drove her into the profession, and her philosophy on food and nutrition. The more you know, the more (and the better) you can eat! 

Eat Better for Life Packing Healthy School Lunches

How do you pack a healthy school lunch for picky eaters of all ages? Registered Dietitian Carolyn O'Neil makes recommendations based on kids' individual personalities and interests, and reminds us to pay attention to how the social aspects of lunchtime can play into what boys and girls are willing to eat!

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