Farmers, Food and Fun on the Menu for the 2022 Taste Tour

Two summer days, 10 food bloggers and countless memories were made during the 2022 Best Food Facts TASTE Tour in Iowa where soy and soybean farming were on the menu!

Bloggers from across the country were immersed in all things soy, from soy on dinner menus to conversations with Des Moines-area farmers. The whirlwind tour took them to the Dave Struthers family farm in Collins, Iowa, opening their eyes to how soy is grown and the importance of sustainability.

A tour of the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates paid tribute to the many contributions of Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel prize winner and World Food Prize founder, for a lifetime of work in agriculture advancements to feed a hungry world.

And last but not least, they heard from South Dakota farmer and registered dietitian Charlotte Rommereim about the many nutritional benefits of soy. They then put their newfound knowledge to work in the National Pork Producers Council Innovation Kitchen to create … and enjoy … tasty soy-based recipes.

It was a fun- and fact-filled adventure with many aha moments, a new appreciate for life on the farm and inspiration for endless soy recipes to come. Scroll on to hear more from the influencers themselves about their #BestFoodFacts TASTE Tour experience and try out some of their delicious soy-based recipes!

Amy Locurto / Living Locurto  “Charlotte is a dietician and fifth-generation farmer. I found it so interesting, some of the facts that she told us about soy.”

Marta Rivera Diaz / Sense & Edibility  “Everybody’s on this kick of ‘it has to be sustainable,’ and meanwhile I’m learning from these farmers that they have been doing or practicing sustainability for decades, if not centuries.”

Cathy Trochelman / Lemon Tree Dwelling  “I’m always impressed by the passion of the farmers. I’m impressed by how much they know, how much they put into the work that they do.”

Rachael Yerkes / Eazy Peazy Mealz  “Soy is a really versatile product and sometimes we think you can only use soy as tofu. But there are other uses like fermented soy miso, soy sauces and edamame.”

The 2022 Best Food Facts TASTE Tour was sponsored by and United Soybean Board.