Best Food Facts Tour: Sustainability on the Farm 

Food influencers got to go behind the scenes to explore sustainability taking place on Iowa farms during the 2022 Best Food Facts Tour. 

The event included exclusive exploration of the ins and outs of sustainability practices, including cattle farming, the importance of soil health, innovation and cover crops.  

The tour kicked off with a culinary experience at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids where the influencers cooked alongside a chef, a registered dietitian and two farmers. After preparing a delicious meal of Beef Tenderloin with Beurre Rouge and Chicken Rockefeller together, Rachel Sweeney, MS, RD, LD, shared research about beef nutrition, the role of protein in a healthy diet and her upbringing in agriculture. 

The influencers then traveled to Beringer Family Farms in Cascade, Iowa where Lillie let them experience the day-to-day of a cattle farmer. She also shared about the sustainability measures they use to protect both the health of their animals and the longevity of their family farm. The next stop was Mitchell Hora’s family operation in Ainsworth, Iowa, to learn what healthy soil looks like and the role that innovation and sustainability play in agriculture. Finally, the influencers learned from Morgan Hibbs about her experience with agriculture, her flower operation and the future plans for their family operation.  

During the two and a half days together, influencers experienced many “aha” moments, a new appreciation for life on the farm and inspiration for using beef in new recipes. Scroll on to hear more from the influencers themselves about their #BestFoodFacts Tour experience and visit their sites for their delicious beef-based recipes. 

The 2022 Best Food Facts Tour was sponsored by and Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.