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Ground beef products from a Nebraska meatpacker have been recalled from 16 states, due to possible E. coli contamination. Those included are:

  1. Alabama
  2. California
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Illinois
  6. Indiana
  7. Kentucky
  8. Louisiana
  9. Mississippi
  10. New York
  11. North Carolina
  12. Ohio
  13. South Carolina
  14. Tennessee
  15. West Virginia
  16. Wisconsin


The USDA's Food Safety Inspection service confirmed that Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. recalled 10-pound chubs of chuck fine ground beef 80/20, packed in cases containing eight chubs. Thus far, there haven't been any reports of illness. The FSIS advises all consumers to safely prepare raw meat products, including fresh and frozen, and only consume ground beef that has been cooked to a temperature of 160 degrees. Doing so will kill the bacteria. If you have any questions, please contact Tyson at 866-328-3156.


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