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Recently, Best Food Facts recieved a question asking "Is it better for you to eat a rare/medium-rare or well-done hamburger? Are you losing nutrients when the burger is well-done?” We reached out to Dr. John Comerford, who is an associate professor at Penn State University, to help us answer these questions.

 Dr. John Comerford


Is it better for you to eat a rare/medium-rare or well-done hamburger?

Dr. Comerford: "We should NEVER eat a hamburger that has not been thoroughly cooked (i.e., rare or medium rare), as this is a possible source of E. coli contamination, regardless of the nutritional differences. Not all beef that is rare is contaminated with E. coli, but cooking ground beef to a temperature of 160°F throughout will kill E. coli bacteria, as well as most other pathogens."

Do well-done burgers have fewer nutrients?

Dr. Comerford: "After cooking the burger, much of the fat is lost, so some saturated fat and some of the iron is reduced. Because of the risk of contamination, it is better to lose nutrients than consume meat that hasn't been properly cooked."


If you would like more information about how to cook meat, and to what temperature, go to FoodSafety.gov, or you can ask an expert here!


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