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Have you finished planning your Thanksgiving menu and completed all of your grocery shopping? Do you ever wonder just where all of that Thanksgiving food comes from?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

Turkey – Minnesota is the top turkey-producing state, followed by North Carolina and Arkansas. Turkey production in 2011 was 7.32 billion pounds.

Cranberries – Wisconsin is number one in cranberry production. Wisconsin cranberries are grown in marshes, which are flooded at harvest so the berries can “float” for easier collection.

Sweet potatoes – North Carolina ranks above all others in sweet potato production. Fun fact: Sweet potatoes are native to North Carolina and were grown by American Indians when Columbus discovered America.

Pumpkin and pecans – Illinois is the nation’s leading pumpkin producer. Prefer pecan pie over pumpkin? The pecans likely came from top-producers Texas and Georgia.

Bread and stuffing – One-third of the country’s wheat crop, the primary ingredient in breads, stuffing and pie crust, is grown in North Dakota, Kansas and Montana.

Green beans – It isn’t Thanksgiving without green bean casserole. Wisconsin ranks first in the nation in snap (green) bean production.


Facts provided by Iowa Farm Bureau.


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