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Frosted sugar cookies, peanut butter fudge and chocolate-dipped pretzels aren’t your normal breakfast foods, but during the holiday season, it becomes a bit easier to slip these holiday goodies into the daily diet. But beware, those tiny additions can add up come January.

At a time when each day can feel like a holiday, check out how registered dietitian Carolyn O’Neil keeps holiday eating healthy and fun.

  1. Keep pre-cut fresh fruit and vegetables, whole-grain crackers and granola bars on hand for pre-party, fill-you-up snacks
  2. Enjoy holiday treats and special “splurge” foods from small plates
  3. Seek out lean proteins such as steamed shrimp, roasted beef and chicken
  4. Add a spicy, yet lower calorie, flavor blast with mustard, horseradish, cocktail sauce and salsa
  5. Write down what you eat and drink as well as your daily exercise
  6. Plan on success by planning ahead for parties and holiday gatherings

Remember, the more you know, the more you can eat!

What type of food do you most enjoy during the holidays?

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