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In our web-based society, information on any given subject is readily available. But it's difficult to separate fact from fiction, so the validity of that information can sometimes be questionable. Here, the food experts tell us what's true, false, or somewhere in between. Have a question for the experts? Let us know! 

True? or Not? "When a company funds research, the results are biased."

We oftentimes get questions about the funding source of research cited, or whether the researchers within Universities are "paid for" by private companies. Here, Peggy Lemaux, PhD, from the University of California at Berkeley, weighs in on how university scientists receive funding and what that means for the results. 

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True? Or Not? "Large farms are bad for the environment."

Manure from farm animals when used as fertilizer improves soil and increases crop yields. It can become a pollutant if it reaches water supplies.

Farm animal production in the United States has clearly shifted away from many small farms to an increasing number of larger farms. It takes several small farms to equal the manure production of a single large farm. On the large farm, the manure management responsibility lies with only one management system instead of several.

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