A Big Day for Cooking

What will you be doing on Thanksgiving Day?

For many of us, it is a big day for cooking. Just how big? On average, Americans spend 128 minutes – just over two hours – on meal preparation on Thanksgiving Day, according to research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

That time is more than three times the 34 minutes that we spend on those tasks on the typical Saturday or Sunday.

We also spend more time eating. No surprise there! On Thanksgiving, we’ll spend about an hour and a half at the dinner table. We’ll also be socializing with friends and family for about 148 minutes.

The other big activity on Thanksgiving Day is watching television and movies. The study didn’t specify how much of that time is actually spent napping, which we suspect is a big Thanksgiving Day activity.

How much will you be cooking this holiday? Let us know in the comments and vote in our poll for your favorite Thanksgiving foods.