Facts About Wax and Apples

A crisp, juicy apple is the perfect taste of fall. One of the most popular articles on Best Food Facts asks “Is There Wax on Apples?” Year round, people turn to our experts to get the facts.

The answer: Yes!

Apples naturally produce wax, explains Dr. Joe Kemble, professor of horticulture at Auburn University. The wax on apples helps to preserve the fruit and prevent moisture loss. “The waxy coating produced by the apple and found on its skin protects it. The waxy coating can appear milky sometimes, but if you rub it gently, you can actually get it to shine,” he said.

Occasionally, food-grade wax is added to apples as well as other fruits and vegetables to help preserve them. These waxes have been used for decades and are safe to eat, Dr. Kemble added.

When you’re ready to bite into that delicious apple, wash it with water.  A vinegar solution can also be used. Leave the peel on, because it contains fiber, antioxidants and ursolic acid.

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