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The food experts are contributors to this site as a public service and to promote their research on food resources and production.

Ethan Bergman, PhD, RD, CD, FADA

Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Associate Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies
Central Washington University

Bill Berzonsky, PhD

Associate Professor of Plant Science
South Dakota State University

Danelle Bickett-Weddle, DVM

Lecturer and Associate Director at the Center for Food Security and Public Health
Iowa State University

S.F. Bilgili, PhD

Professor and Extension Poultry Scientist
Auburn University

Diane Birt, PhD

Distinguished Professor in the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition and Director of the Center for Research on Botanical Dietary Supplements
Iowa State University

Linda Benjamin Bobroff, PhD, RD, LD/N

Dept. of Family, Youth & Community Sciences
University of Florida

Eve Brantley, PhD

Assistant Professor of Agronomy & Soils
Auburn University

Mary Brewer, PhD

Professor of Food Science, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
University of Illinois

Robert Burns, PhD P.E.

Professor of Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering
The University of Tennessee

Betty Burri, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Nutrition
University of California Davis

Frank Busta, PhD

Founding Director, Director Emeritus and Senior Science Advisor for The National Center for Food Protection and Defense, Professor Emeritus of Food Microbiology, and Emeritus Head of Department of Food Science & Nutrition
University of Minnesota

Patrick Byrne, PhD

Professor of Plant Breeding/Genetics (Molecular-Quantitative Genetics) and Graduate Student Coordinator
Colorado State University

Jude Capper, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Washington State University, affiliate position,
Montana State University

Brett Carver, PhD

Regents Professor, Wheat Breeding and Genetics and Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture
Oklahoma State University