The Tools of Canning

“Pop” can have many meanings. In some areas of the United States, it’s a fizzy, sweet carbonated drink. On the radio, “pop” refers to music that’s currently popular. But in canning and preserving, the “pop” sound is the best way to determine if a canned food item has perfectly sealed. By simply pushing down on the top of a canning lid post-hot water bath, it’s easy to determine if a container is hermetically sealed, meaning that nothing can pass the barrier of the seal.

If you hear a “pop” sound, it means that the jar did not properly seal in the hot water bath. This does not mean that the food is bad, only that it should be immediately refrigerated and promptly consumed. Canned food that is improperly sealed won’t be safe to consume weeks or months later. A properly sealed jar will not emit the “pop” sound, meaning they are safe to store for later consumption.

Feel like you might need to brush up on the steps of Canning 101? Here are some handy tips!

Canning fun fact:

Did you know that the Ball Canning jars were created back in 1880? Check out the amazing story of the five Ball brothers who founded the company on a $200 loan.

The image “Fall Canning” by Tom Head is licensed under CC BY 2.0.