Welcome to the NEW Best Food Facts

Looking for BestFoodFacts.org? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve given ourselves a little (HUGE) makeover but, fear not, we’re still here to bring you all the facts you want to know about your food – straight from the experts.

Best Food Facts has always striven to separate fact from fiction about food to allow consumers to weigh decisions based on their individual needs. That mission hasn’t changed. What has changed, though, is the landscape – in this day and age, we expect a better online experience and we crave opportunities to share what we’ve learned. The new BestFoodFacts.org will provide more fresh, exciting content when, where and how you want it so it’s easier to do just that.

We’re in love with the final product and we hope you’ll feel the same. Let’s take a little tour, shall we?

The NEW Best Food Facts Experience

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Everyone likes to be right, right? Well, here at Best Food Facts it is our goal to provide you with a mix of content that is RITE – Relevant, Informative, Timely and Entertaining. It can be hard to separate fact from fiction with the wealth of information we have available to us these days. Send us your questions and we’ll track the online food issues people are talking about and monitor news coverage of food and health-related topics to help you make the distinction between what is truthful and what is misleading. RITE content needs the right structure. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • What’s Cookin’
    • Latest Articles – Already caught up on what we posted last week? Here you’ll find the newest, freshest content.
    • Top Stories – Stay in the know about what the food community is all abuzz about. Like current events…but with food. These top stories will also be the first thing you see when you visit BestFoodFacts.org.
    • Latest Videos – The experts aren’t shy with sharing their insights. Check ‘em out here.
    • Food Fight Poll – We know you’ve got opinions about the latest food topics. Won’t you share?
  • Topics – From Health to Food to what’s happening On the Farm, we’ve categorized content to make it easy to find what you’re craving.
  • Lifestyle – Good food isn’t just what’s for dinner; it’s a lifestyle.
  • Videos – Because sometimes reading is hard.
  • Interact – Because sometimes reading is boring.
  • Search – For anything you can’t find in the options above.

A Whole New Look

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With a new look comes a new identity. The photos, colors, the fonts – everything you see – is what we feel best represents the new Best Food Facts visually. Everything has been upgraded. If we want you to spend your time with us, the least we could do is give you something pretty to look at while you’re taking in all the delicious food facts, right?

Expert Expertise

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From university-based folks to registered dietitians to farmers, we’ve enlisted the help of more than 200 food system experts to load your plate with a balanced diet of information on food topics so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family – at home, at the grocery store, at your favorite restaurant – and feel confident in your decisions based on an understanding of all sides of food issues. It’s a tall order, we know, but we’re constantly in the kitchen whipping up food facts and look forward to serving you time and again.

Now, not only can you find the expert you’re looking for by name, but also by category.  Looking for someone who knows a bit more about Pesticide Use and its effect on the Environment? You can now look under those categories for those experts!

Get Everything You’re Curious About Sent Straight to Your Inbox

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Our semi-monthly e-newsletter also received a redesign. Its new mobile-friendliness means you can get food facts whenever and wherever you want them. Sign up here to get the best of the best sent straight to your inbox every other week.

We’re not perfect – but with your help, we can (try to) get pretty close

Did we miss something? Did you click on a link that took you somewhere totally unexpected? Let us know! As with all things new and technical, we’re expecting a bug or a glitch or four to appear. If you come across something that seems wonky, let us know and we’ll get right on it!

Non-glitch-related questions, comments or concerns? We want to know those, too! We’re here for you, so your input is extremely appreciated and helpful to make Best Food Facts even better – there’s always room for improvement!