2015: The Year in Review

Is it just us, or was 2015 the year of food knowledge? From how to properly clean produce to using leftover produce to hormones and antibiotics in animal protein to the cost of food, consumers wanted to know everything about what they were eating. Let’s take a look back at Best Food Facts’ hottest food stories of 2015.

  1. Should I Wash Fresh Fruit in Vinegar? – Fruits and vegetables are important components to any diet, so we’re glad to know that you’re concerned with how to clean your apple before taking a bite.
  2. Consumer Question – Is It OK to Use Leftover Onions? – We first received questions about this topic back in 2011…and four years later it still seems to be a concern for some of you. Luckily, we were able to chat with Dr. Ruth MacDonald from Iowa State University to get some advice on what to do with that half of an onion you have in your fridge.
  3. What’s Healthier? Pork Bacon or Turkey Bacon? – Trying to be health-conscious when it comes to your morning protein? We spoke with a meat science expert to find out about all things bacon – including whether turkey bacon is actually healthier.
  4. Egg Prices on the Rise – Earlier this year several cases of avian influenza broke out across the United States affecting millions of hens. Not only were poultry farmers affected, but everyday consumers such as yourselves. We sought out some answers in regards to fluctuating egg prices.
  5. The Beef with Hormones – and 8 Other Foods You Might Find Them In – We’ve noticed that consumers are increasingly curious about what goes into producing their food, with hormones in meat being a top concern. We reached out to an expert to learn more about hormones in beef and a few other foods we don’t usually think of as containing hormones.
  6. What Foods are Genetically Modified? – When it comes to the food we’re eating, many consumers are curious about genetically modified foods and where they are found. We put together an easy-to-understand infographic explaining which foods are actually genetically modified and commercially available in the United States.
  7. Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Health Cure-All? – Miracle health cures are all over the web these days and one that we saw frequently this year was apple cider vinegar, which has been said to aid with diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer as well as other diseases. We reached out to a registered dietitian and nutrition expert to get the facts on the nutritional benefits of regular apple cider vinegar consumption.
  8. Spittin’ Seeds? Not with Seedless Watermelons – Contrary to popular belief, seedless watermelons are not the product of genetic modification. We checked in with Dr. Kevin Folta to learn more about the process behind seedless watermelons.
  9. Understanding Processed Foods – Are processed foods really bad for us or just misunderstood? To better understand processed foods, we spoke with nutrition scientist Connie Weaver, PhD, from Purdue University.
  10. Why is the United States the Only Country to Allow Hormones in Food Animal Production? – Spoiler alert: It’s not.