Unlocking Tahini

Eating Better: Open Sesame – Unlocking Tahini

Ready to Open Sesame your way to some delicious nutrition? Look no further than tahini! This multicultural darling is made by grinding highly nutritious sesame seeds into a thick, light-colored paste. The grinding process releases the omega-6 oil in the seeds and makes the vitamins and nutrients easier to absorb by the body. Extra nutrition bonus: the ground sesame seeds are rich in vitamins B1, B3, B5, and B15, all known to promote the growth of healthy cells in our bodies.

In the U.S., tahini is often used to provide smoothness and richness in hummus, which is great as a healthy snack or an easy protein boost for your sandwich or wrap. Looking for more ways to include tahini in your meals? The cuisines of North Africa, Greece and Turkey have some delicious ideas.

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Now that you’ve unlocked the deliciousness of tahini, let’s make sure you know how to properly store it.

Since tahini can be made at home, it doesn’t always come with an expiration date. A reader recently asked about the shelf life and storage of tahini so we reached out to Dr. Tong (Toni) Wang, Professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University.

How long will tahini last after opened and should it be stored in the refrigerator?

Dr. Wang:

If the tahini is made like it is in oriental countries – using roasted seeds – it can be quite stable. It can last one to two years under refrigeration, based on my personal experience. Although sesame seed oil is made up of about 40% highly oxidizable linoleic acid (an unsaturated fatty acid – also known as omega-6 acid), the paste is actually amazingly stable. I expect it to be quite stable even if stored after opening at room temperature. Personally, though, I always refrigerate it.


Source: Natural News.com
Tahini Dressing” by Taj Rasakmizo is licensed under CC BY ND.