The Olympians Eat What?!

The opening ceremony for the Olympic games begins on Friday, August 5 in Rio de Janeiro. These athletes will be working hard to represent their countries during the competitions, but what are they getting for fuel beforehand and how much food is served? According to the Associated Press, it is a lot.

For the 18,000 athletes, coaches and staff that are in attendance of the Olympic games, there will be no shortage of food. Over 60,000 meals will be prepared daily in the Olympic village kitchen. This meal service will also be available during all hours of the day.

With a dining room that is bigger than two football fields, the 460,000 pounds of ingredients will be turned into five different buffet lines. The types of cuisine include Brazilian, Asian, International, Pasta and Pizza, Halal and Kosher. What makes this dining experience unique is the fact that there will be foods catered to the customs of many different regions including religion and national delicacies.

With this many dining experiences, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what and for who. We’ve put together this infographic to break down just how much it takes to feed a village – the Olympic village, of course.