Why You Shouldn’t Store Tomatoes in the Refrigerator

A juicy new detail about tomatoes has been revealed by scientists.

Tomatoes are very popular and many people have particular ways they like to prepare and serve them. One recurring question is the best way to store them. Our experts advise that it’s best not to keep tomatoes in the refrigerator because the environment is too cold for them.

This week, researchers published a study that explained exactly what happens when tomatoes are refrigerated. They studied tomatoes that had been chilled for various periods of time. They found that when the tomatoes were cooled to a certain temperature, it caused the fruit to stop producing compounds that create that wonderful tomato flavor and aroma. That would explain in part why some find that a tomato that has been chilled does not taste as flavorful as one that is fresh picked from the garden.

Now that they know exactly what happens, the scientists plan to look at ways to breed tomatoes so they can keep their flavor even when they are refrigerated so the fruit can be safely stored.

Until then, follow the advice of our experts and keep tomatoes in a cool but not cold place at about 55 degrees. They also offer tips on how to wash tomatoes to make them last longer.