Food Trends of 2016

It’s been a big year in food, with many things happening in 2016. Best Food Facts takes a look at the top trends from the past year.

Best-Food-Facts-Food-TrendsFunctional Foods
People became less concerned about eliminating foods from their diets and focused on what they should add in 2016. These “functional foods” contribute health benefits to the diet. We looked at some of these claims for foods including sprouted grains, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, turmeric and omega 3.

Simple Ingredients
Food companies focused on using easy-to-understand ingredients in their products in 2016. Many of the changes were sparked by consumers who want more natural ingredients. Best Food Facts asked If I can’t pronounce an ingredient is it bad? and our experts answered.

Genetically Modified Foods
Best-Food-Facts-Food-TrendsAdvances continued to be made in 2016 with new genetically modified foods introduced. We learned about a genetically engineered apple that does not turn brown when sliced and even got to sample it. Other new foods are a specially developed salmon that grows at a quicker rate and a potato that resists bruising and browning.

Several restaurants and retailers announced plans to source meat from animals that are not treated with antibiotics. The issue raised awareness of how important antibiotics are in human health and protecting the health of animals. We did a four-part video series on antibiotics, looking at the issues surrounding resistance, how to understand food labels and best practices in the kitchen when preparing meat.

Cauliflower is Everywhere
The humble cauliflower became the star of the show in Best-Food-Facts-Food-Trends2016. It was roasted, riced, made into pizza crust, in mac and cheese – you name it, cauliflower did it this year. The advice from the experts at Best Food Facts is Eat Your Veggies, so any way to incorporate more healthy vegetables into daily meals is a welcome addition.

Best-Food-Facts-Food-TrendsMeal Kit Delivery
This year, meal kit delivery became mainstream. Some big name companies were joined by local start-ups` in offering to deliver the ingredients to cook a meal at home. The service appeals to many because it combines convenience with the goodness of a home cooked meal. Best Food Facts provided some tips on monthly meal planning.

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